A bit about me..

I am thinking it would be quite useful to give a little bit of an introduction about me for those that find this web page, well here you go:

I am no paragliding hero, sky god or accomplished competitions pilot. At 52 I have been paragliding for over 26 years for the pure enjoyment of free flight. In business I am an entrepreneur and this same ambition to create something new is reflected in my passion to explore new lines with a paraglider.

However, I fly safe, after learning to paraglide in a time when paragliders needed a high level of piloting, I fly actively expecting the worst and would say now have the experience to deal with it! More importantly and most importantly I have a family I love and wish to return home to after every adventure.

Why write a blog?

  • I know that without a focused media to post about this trip I would not have the discipline to record and share the adventure to a wider audience?
  • Also the effort in organising this adventure needs to be given a platform from which I can draw from to assist in my preparation.
  • And what a great way to share a travel journal of the trip, it is very likely that I will be off grid for most of the traverse but with the help of tracking and ground support I hope that an interesting level of live update can be fed through to this site during the adventure!

I undertook a 4 day 3 night VolBiv trip earlier this year from Pokhara.  This first trip is shown on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/1h8XitxbHD4 . I have also given a number of talks about the trip to an audience of paraglider pilots and outdoor enthusiasts.  This first adventure was the seed of the idea for The Nepal Traverse. 

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

Steven Mackintosh

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