A solo volbiv paraglliding adventure across the length of the Nepal Himalayas

My mission

This adventure is the first solo paraglider VolBiv attempt of the entire Nepal Himalayas.  There have been a number of great flights by other pilots across parts of the route but none by any British pilots and none have attempted starting and ending at the Indian borders.

I wish to make this adventure an inspiration to many and provide a lasting charitable legacy for Nepal.

My Charities

The ultimate outcome of this adventure will be to generate funds for two worthwhile Nepali charities. We are initially raising funds to cover the production and editing cost of the full film. Income generated from the final film and talks will be donated to these two charities:

Karma Flights


Helping to support education and tackle poverty of Nepali children

Save the Karnali


Supporting the protection of Nepal’s most pristine and last free-flowing river

Even a small donation would help to achieve a longer lasting charitable donation, please click on the ‘Donate’ button below to read more and help if you are able:

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The Nepal Traverse Film Trailer

The Nepal Traverse’ Film Completion

I am fundraising to cover the costs of filming interviews, editing and completing the production of ‘The Nepal Traverse’ a short adventure film.

The completed film will then be used to generate funds for two Nepali charities.

This film is a documentary style adventure film about the first solo VolBiv paragliding adventure across the length of the Nepal Himalayas, starting at the Far-West of Nepal on the Indian border. The film captures the vast remoteness and natural beauty of the Nepali Himalayas, as I, the solo paraglider pilot overcome the challenges of paragliding alone and unsupported, but never far from the generous hospitality of the local people.

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